Programmers Platform: Few Social media for developers to Connect with the community

Being a programmer is really hard especially when you have the ideas but you don't find yourself motivated thinking maybe am I the only one who's doing this. The person feels left out from elsewhere when he got no one to share what he wants to do. Programmers mainly quit because they don't find any reasons to continue the journey alone.

Programmers Platform

There is plenty of developer communities out there that's been created to connect the programmers, one can easily be registered and connect to the people who are pursuing programming as a career.

I would like to list some of the programmer's communities where you can hang out and ask people for help.

1. GitHub Support Community - If your not already familiar with what GitHub is then check out here to understand what it really does. GitHub Community is the discussion forum for the developers where you can discuss the problem you occurring with the GitHub account along with that you can ask any programming questions.

2. Dev - Dev is the website where people write post about teaching concepts of programming languages. If someone prefer learn by reading instead of watching videos than Dev would be the resource you might wanna look at.

3. Reddit - I know that Reddit is not entirely meant for the programmers but there is an abundance of subreddits for programmers, especially there are subreddits devoted to the specific programming languages.  Some of them are NodeJavascript & Python.

4. StackOverflow - If someone is doing programming for a very long time then once in a while they might end up discovering StackOverflow site for finding the solution for programming related problems. It's the whole community of prior and senior developers there to give person answers for their programming problems.

5. FreeCodeCamp - It is the better alternative of the StackOverflow. if you don't find any answers on StackOverflow you might wanna try different community and FreeCodeCamp can be the one.

6. Sololearn - Sololearn is a multiplatform programming learning platform including a great active community that is there to help at any time. Sololearn has an app for the android platform and it also works on the browser with some limited features.

No matter which commuinity you opt for it doesn't really mattery unless you're going to commit to the coding so, better start coding now.

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