How to Access Torrent?

I have seen many people asking how to access Torrent without any issues so I've decided to make a proper blog on this topic providing a short way as possible.

Note: This is only for educational purpose I'm not responsible for any cops to your resident.

Set the things up:

Download any Chromium-based browser like Firefox, Google Chrome, Brave Browser, Microsoft Edge, or any other you may like to use on your desktop or laptop. Here I'm using Firefox so let's get started...

Step 1:

Click on the Menu options on the Toolbar and choose the Add-ons option or use Ctrl + Shift + A short-key and a new tab Add-ons Manager will open.

Step 2:

On the search menu of Add-ons Manager, search Touch VPN and add that extension to your Browser. If you are unable to find the extension then click here.

Step 3:

Click add on the pop-up as shown below.

Step 4:

To use the VPN in a private tab (Incognito mode) tick the checkbox in the next pop-up menu and click on okay.

If you have missed this pop-up menu then use Ctrl + Shift + A to open Add-ons Manager and then spot the Touch VPN extension and click the list option as shown below.

Scroll down and spot the 'Run in Private Window' option and click the Allow option as shown below.

Step 5:

Run the extension from the toolbar and click on the connect option after choosing your desire location.

Step 6:

Click here and choose your desire torrent site or visit

Surfing Torrent is prohibited in many countries because of its pirated content, I won't recommend anyone using torrent by any means. This is only for educational purpose.

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