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Brave Browser : Best Privacy Focused Web Browser

Web Browser is an essential application to browse the internet. We all conscious of privacy over the internet. There are so many web browsers available on the internet. It is always hard to pick any specific web browser all browsers are unique and offer something different but if you are really concerned about your privacy on the internet then we got you covered here.

Brave Browser Reward.jpg

Brave Browser is the best privacy-focused web browser available that offers tons of features along with the powerful built in ad-blocking extension. The browser recently broke out from the beta stage and stable enough to use as the default web browser. It has a clean user interface with both light and dark themes in support.

Brave Browser blocks the ads by default and upgrades the connection to "https://" for the better and secure web. It also has scripts blocking option in the brave shield to disable any website's script.
Brave Rewards is optional here. You can use the Brave Reward option to get paid for the ads you see from the brave browser or you can donate that brave rewards to your favorite content creator. You can control the maximum number of ads that will be displayed per hour to the browser.

However, if you don't wish to see any ads and just want to have the normal browser with strict ad-blocking you can disable the brave reward option from the browser settings.
When it comes to privacy we definitely don't want our network provider to watch our browsing data whether it is a service provider (ISP) or the school/college administrator brave also provide the Tor Support with its private window. You will get two options for the incognito tab first is a simple Private Window and the second is the Private Window with Tor.

Install Brave Browser

  1. Download the Latest Version of Brave Browser.
  2. Install the Brave Browser (Installation depends on the Operating System).
  3. Now it will ask if you want to enable brave rewards at the time of setup the browser.
  4. Now follow the setup tour and it's all done.

Final Words

Brave is one of the best browsers right now that provides lots of features without compromising browser's quality.


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